Hempen Double Infused Coconut Oil


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Hempen Double Infused Coconut Oil

Hempen Organic Coconut Oil - Double Infused with CBD

550mg CBD | 110ml glass jar


The CBD Coconut Oil is a unique blend of two of the most powerful natural ingredients, hemp and coconut. It is an extremely versatile product and is used topically as a wholesome skin conditioner, massage oil and calming balm.

Each 110ml unit of double infused coconut oil can contain over 550 mg of CBD. However, concentrations may vary from plant to plant and hence could be different in individual batches.

CBD Coconut Oil is superior for nutrient absorption via the skin. It can dramatically increase the amount of nutrients you absorb, including vitamins A, D, K, & E, beta-carotene and CBD itself. Coconut oil is high in essential fatty acids, which act as a binding agent for the CBD. This product contains all the benefits of coconut oil plus the 100+ beneficial compounds found in hemp such as CBD and other terpenes, omega 3-6-9 healthy fats and flavonoids, the combination of which have been linked to having numerous health benefits. 

CBD Coconut Oil can be used topically, its amazing health benefits can still be felt as it absorbs into the bloodstream through the skin. It helps relax the muscles, moisturises the skin and offers mild sun protection (SP4). It is very convenient to use considering it remains in a solid state at room temperature. Try massaging it into your feet just before sleep for a relaxing, stress relieving experience to feel well rested in the morning.


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